This is black cats design named「Tama」. Monotone pattern, which is rare for admi. I like it. I made Handkerchief and the fabric and double gauze. I want you to use it for various handmade products.


Before coming new fabric


A new pattern ordered in India at the end of last year. It should have arrived by this time, but it will take several months due to various coronas. So I decided to make a cookie cutter before the fab

cookies of round flower with bee

Waiting new


A new pattern that I got sampled when I went to India at the end of last year. Bees are flying among the round flowers. Maybe it’s already done in India, but due to the influence of the new Coro

A new pattern in which bees fly between round flowers

I made a cookie.


admi is a textile brand, but I also make cookie cutter that use patterned motifs. Until now, I have used the patterns of "Morning", "Hanauta", "Story" and "Trip" as patterns. admi's fifth pattern cook

admi's rabbit and star cookie cutter

The woodblock print workshop has restarted.


Lockdown continued in India due to the influence of the new Corona.From this month, I’ve been informed that they can work as usual. I am relieved that all the staff members were healthy and were

Craftsmen working at a woodblock printing workshop in India.