This is black cats design named「Tama」. Monotone pattern, which is rare for admi. I like it. I made Handkerchie


Before coming new fabric


A new pattern ordered in India at the end of last year. It should have arrived by this time, but it will take

cookies of round flower with bee

Waiting new


A new pattern that I got sampled when I went to India at the end of last year. Bees are flying among the round

A new pattern in which bees fly between round flowers

I made a cookie.


admi is a textile brand, but I also make cookie cutter that use patterned motifs. Until now, I have used the p

admi's rabbit and star cookie cutter

The woodblock print workshop has restarted.


Lockdown continued in India due to the influence of the new Corona.From this month, I’ve been informed t

Craftsmen working at a woodblock printing workshop in India.