“admi” it means “person” in Hindu.

The admi mark is “人” shape means “person”of KANJI as a Japanese alphabet.

Connection between people
Connection between hearts
Connection between country

It also represents such an invisible “connection”.

Hands of a girl with a bouquet of mustard blooming in the suburbs of India

The people welcomed me with a rich heart,strength to live and kindness on my trip to India.

I was able to meet interesting traditional techniques such as woodblock printing.
I felt once again the warmth and strength of what human hands create.

I want to make things with them
That feeling is the beginning of ‘’admi’’.

Hand of a girl with a bouquet of yellow mustard

admi designer /
Hori Chiharu

I studied textile design at an art university. After graduation, I went to India and learned about a technique called woodblock printing.
I met reliable people and craftsmen, then started ‘’admi’’ in 2008.
Once a year, I go to India to make a new design.

"A craftsman working in a woodblock print workshop and designer Chiharu Hori "

Our commitment

A cloth that is always close to people’s lives.

We should choose a comfortable cloth because it touches our skin everyday. We want to enjoy colors and patterns according to the season and mood. Easy to wash, easy to use for a long time.

Warm woodblock print , high quality Indian cotton ,and eco-friendly dye colors. We make comfortable cloth for not only users but also handmade craftsmans.

"Nine handkerchiefs such as pattern Peace06, Morning01, Dance03 "

Block print

A traditional Indian technique that has been passed down since ancient times, a woodblock print. A cloth that can be called a crystal of experience and technology that can be made over time by craftsmen who make woodblocks, craftsmen who dye, craftsmen who print, craftsmen who wash fabrics, and many others. Today, it is difficult to continue this work, which is time-consuming and time-consuming, and the number of craftsmen and workshops has decreased, making it extremely valuable.
Through our activities, I would like to convey the wonder of woodblock printing to as many people as possible.

100% Indian cotton

In India, high quality cotton grows on vast land. The more you use it, the more you wash it, the softer it will feel on your skin. From the wide variety, we have selected cloths that are particularly suitable for making handkerchiefs and clothes. It sucks water well and dries quickly. They kindly attend to our daily lives.

Eco-friendly dye color

The workshop that prints the fabric of “admi” uses dyes made from plant-derived ingredients. This dye gives a very good quality cloth without impairing the original softness of the cloth. On the other hand, it is really difficult to manage, so only a craftsman with knowledge and experience can handle it. It is easily affected by temperature and humidity, and the color may bleed or become uneven. Even with the same composition, the color development will change depending on the situation of the day. It often becomes discolored and unusable over time. However, no matter how troublesome it is, we want to avoid adversely affecting the environment and people. And I want to make good quality cloth. I am particular about the dye selection. A dye that is kind to the environment and gentle to the skin of craftsmen who handle it and to those who use the finished cloth.

Indian woodblock printing workshop with natural light