This is black cats design named「Tama」. Monotone pattern, which is rare for admi. I like it. I made Handkerchief and the fabric and double gauze. I want you to use it for various handmade products.


Stamp of admi design


It’s a great service that you can easily make your own stamps by uploading images and photos online on the Japan Post site. It was a stamp I made for personal enjoyment, but when I posted a phot


Before coming new fabric


A new pattern ordered in India at the end of last year. It should have arrived by this time, but it will take several months due to various coronas. So I decided to make a cookie cutter before the fab

cookies of round flower with bee

Fabric fair in Kamakura


In August, we will participate fabric fair at krone hus in Kamakura. We are preparing 1m-cut fabric, small fabric set, bag, handkerchief, etc. How about handmade summer items with 100% Indian cotton f

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Sarasara set vol.2


I’m always thinking about various projects with humongous in Nippori, who sells admi’s fabrics. And this time we made an admi’s smooth set that is perfect for summer. .. Reservations are acc


About dye color


The workshop that prints the fabric of “admi” uses dyes made from plant-derived ingredients. This dye gives a very good quality cloth without impairing the original softness of the cloth. On the other